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100% Pure and Natural - USDA approved, Salmonella tested, and just plain good!

Lana's Egg Whites Keep You Yolked!

With all the hoopla about low carb diets, veggie diets, "starve yourself" diets, etc. Nothing can compensate sound nutrition. Diets, complete with proteins, are most effective especially during rigorous exercise.

The protein found in Lana's Egg Whites are by far the best alternative to egg substitutes! Lana's Egg Whites come complete with

7 grams of protein per white
Only 100mg of Sodium
1/2 gram of carbs
No additives. Just clean protein!

What our customers are saying...

“My husband and I have been bodybuilding together for 6 years now. We met in the gym, had our first date at the gym, and soon after began our 1st prep together where we both took Overall in the categories of Mens Physique and Women’s Bikini at the Tahoe Show in 2014. Shortly after that I won Overall Bikini at the Sac Show and the following year we competed at Nationals in Vegas.

Everyone knows nutrition is the hardest part of prep. This being said, Lana’s Egg Whites have become a staple in our diets and makes staying on track that much easier.

Eggs are one of the most bio-available sources of protein and with almost no fat and no carbohydrates, it's just PURE PROTEIN. The fact that you can drink or eat them makes them one of the most versatile protein sources one could use.

On top of making an amazing product, Lana is one of the most genuinely kind, compassionate, and supportive sponsors an athlete could have. “

Lawna Dunbar

"I love Lana’s egg whites because they are so versatile and I can incorporate them into every meal.

Being an elite athlete, it is important to me what goes into my body. With Lana’s Egg Whites I can ensure I’m getting the purest form of protein to optimize my performance without sacrificing taste.

Go Team Lana!"

Angelina Anderson

Team Lana Athlete

Goalkeeper at Cal Berkeley

PAC 12 Freshman of the Year

PAC 12 Goalkeeper of the Year 

“I rely on Lana's Egg Whites daily due to the natural high protein content & packaging.

It allows me to easily measure out how much protein I want as opposed to cracking half dozen eggs each morning.

As a certified nutritionist and I recommend this product to every client & they are amazed at the results they get by the ease of incorporating this product into their daily routine.”

Wendy Lafayette 



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