Meet Lana

About Lana

Unlike other companies, Lana's Egg Whites has a very personal relationship with its customers. Any existing customer will testify to this.

The company is owned and operated by me, Lana Battagello. I take great pride in having satisfied customers and providing you with a healthy product.

As a personal trainer, I know the human body and the benefits clean protein can have on it. It doesn't matter if you're a competitive bodybuilder or a stay at home mom. My egg whites will provide a healthy addition to your diet and cooking.

Now you know how good they are for you

I'd like to thank my mother... The most unselfish person I have ever known. She has my deepest respect, love and gratitude. To my son, Tony, whose pure heart and soul teaches me new things every day. To my father, Aldo, who taught me how to survive, you believe in me, therefore I believe in myself. Thanks to my friends for their help & generosity. Jeff Cannon, my lawyer, (and luckily my friend), who helped me organize this business. Nabeel, Beckah, Petra & Steven, (my team members). Petra Stathis for my cookbook. Gus Malliarodakis for always being in my corner.. and to my friend Rob Hart, who lives on the far side, thanks for everything. To Uncle Walter, who always thought I should have been an actress & instilled in me much confidence. Esme, who helped keep me calm amidst my 3 jobs and my personal life... my other good friends, you know who you are... Friends forever!

And above all, to the BIG GUY upstairs who made the chicken & the egg.

I forgive you for the yolk part, then again, it's what gave me this job.

You've always been there for me... through & through.

Thanks GOD, you're OK with me. I trust you.


DUE TO Covid-19 supply issues


All backorders will ship out immediately as soon as our shipment arrives from the supplier.

Thank you for you understanding 

Love, Lana