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Lana's Egg Whites Keep You Yolked!

With all the hoopla about low carb diets, veggie diets, "starve yourself" diets, etc. Nothing can compensate sound nutrition. Diets complete with proteins are most effective especially during rigorous exercise. The protein found in Lana's Egg Whites are by far the best alternative to egg substitutes! Lana's Egg Whites come complete with 7 grams of protein per white, only 100mg of Sodium, 1/2 gram of carbs, and no additives.

Just clean protein!

Why Lana's?

100% Pure and Natural - USDA approved, Salmonella tested, and just plain good!

Lana's Egg Whites are convenient for any meal. Ready to eat! Ready to drink! Ready to cook!

Give up those messy expensive powders and toss that nasty bar to the dogs! Didn't your mother tell you to eat your eggs? Now you can without the hassle. And why not get lean in the process!

So why use Lana's Egg Whites you ask, it's simple: Its just simply smarter!!

Why not knock out the need for protein and make your life easier at the same time!

  • No more chemicals, colorings, gums, and preservatives with unnatural substitutes
  • No more cracking eggs, save yourself the mess!
  • No more wasting yolks, we didn�t need them anyway!
  • No more worrying about salmonella, all USDA approved
  • Ready to eat, drink, cook and enjoy

Egg whites are an excellent source of biologically valued protein because they provide the only protein which is instantly absorbed by your body. Other high protein foods like: beef, fish, chicken, and turkey must first be broken down by your body before the proteins can be absorbed. Even then, not everyone can metabolize meat protein properly. The same goes for protein powders and other meal replacements. It should also be noted that egg whites have no fat, and no cholesterol.

Any other reasons why someone should use Lana's Egg Whites? For your health. Eating Lana's Egg Whites will not only help lower your caloric intake versus eating whole eggs, but they also are a healthier choice because of a lower cholesterol content. So give your heart a break and save those yolks for companies that make salad dressings, ice cream, and mayonnaise, ya know, the stuff we don’t eat!!

Love, Lana


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